Here you can access an electronic copy of the meeting’s agenda.

Current Agenda

ISSA AGENDA 12-07-2017

ISSA Agenda 11-02-17

ISSA Agenda 10-5-17

ISSA AGENDA 09-07-2017

ISSA AGENDA 3-7-2017

Previous Agendas [Spring 2017]

ISSA Agenda First General Meeting 1-31-2017

Previous Agendas [Fall 2016]

ISSA Agenda 11-30-2016

ISSA Agenda 11-9-2016

ISSA Agenda 10-19-2016

ISSA Agenda 10-05-2016

ISSA Agenda 9-21-2016

 ISSA Agenda 9-7-2016 First General Meeting

*Agendas from the officers’ meetings are not published online but are kept in the secretary’s book.