Student Chapter of NYLA


SCNYLA has previously been involved with setting up a Speed Networking event, sent several students to the annual NYLA Conference (this year it will be held in Saratoga Springs), and volunteered with NYLA at Library Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. The most recent events that SCNYLA has been a part of include a twice-a-year book and bake sale, and annual resume workshop.

The world of professional librarianship is relatively small and being able to become recognized by many of the faces who could be hiring puts our members at an advantage after graduation.  Our members also gain invaluable experience working or presenting at these conferences, and staying current with relevant issues in the world of libraries.  Collaboration within the profession is always encouraged and by becoming involved within the organization early on in your career, NYLA can help you connect with other passionate professionals.

SCNYLA aims to:

  • Increase student participation in professional organizations, such as the New York State Library Association, and encourage them to be part of these organizations as they pursue their careers after graduation;
  • To enable and encourage the development of professional relationships within the field of library and information science;
  • Create a channel for communication and resources with NYLA;
  • Provide a local peer group for students with an interest in libraries; and
  • Promote the involvement of students in professional activities beyond the classroom.

The current faculty advisor to the student chapter is Carol Anne Germain. The current president of SCNYLA is Erika Palombo.

Last updated August 16, 2017.