ISSA Constitution







1. Name. The official name of this organization will be: Information Science Student Association (hereafter referred to as ISSA) at the Department of Information Studies at the University at Albany.

2. Mission. ISSA seeks to represent the interests of graduate and professional students at the State University of New York at Albany to the Administration, Faculty and Staff of the University, as well as to other Graduate Student Association (hereafter referred to as GSA).

(a) To provide student members at the Department of Information Studies at the University at Albany with official representation to the Faculty and Staff.

(b) To generate an interest in professional organization membership.

(c) To create a channel for communication and exchanging resources between student members and the encompassing professional organization community.

(d) To enable and encourage the development of professional relationships within the field of library and information science nationwide, regionally, and locally.

(e) To provide a local forum for the exchange of information relating to trends, issues, and opportunities now developing in the profession.





1. Membership. Every enrolled graduate and professional student is a member of ISSA. Membership is extended without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or sex.


2. Professional Organizations. All attending members of ISSA are also members of the three professional organization student chapters. These groups are as follows:

(a) Student Chapter of the American Library Association (hereafter referred to as SCALA).

(b) Student Chapter of the New York Library Association (hereafter referred to as SCNYLA).

(c) Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists (hereafter referred to as SCOSAA).


3. Dues. No enrolled graduate or professional student shall be required to pay dues or register membership.


4. Duties of Representatives. The Representative shall:

(a) Provide a senator to represent the interests of its members in the GSA and to the University as a whole.

(b) Provide a forum for discussion within this group, of matters of concern to the GSA.

(c) Conduct and supervise meetings.

(d) Appropriate and account for funds appropriated by the Senate to the group in accordance with the purpose of the appropriation and the Treasury Laws.

(e) Encourage members of take on leadership roles.





1. Elections. A President and a Vice President shall be elected to each of the professional organization student chapters. A President or Co-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster shall be elected to serve as ISSA representatives. Elections shall take place at the last meeting of the semester.


2. Position Descriptions. The following are position descriptions for the ISSA and/or Professional Organization student chapter elected officers.

(a) President

  1. Plans/ runs officer and general body meetings
  2. Assists Vice-President with activity organization

III. Assists the webmaster by providing pertinent general content

  1. Communicates with List-serv community about up-coming meetings and activities

(b) Vice-President

  1. Coordinates logistics for events and activities (arranging for space, tables, supplies, food, etc.)
  2. Arranges for space of all meetings and activities.

III. Assists the President in anyway necessary.

(c) Secretary

  1. Keeps minutes and records of meetings
  2. Forward minutes via email to members

(d) Treasurer

  1. Charged with the care and disbursement of funds
  2. Keeps record of receipts and current funds

(e) Webmaster

  1. Maintains blog and any pertinent Facebook materials
  2. Records passwords

III. Adds and deletes content when appropriate; edits and formats pages

  1. Assists with uploading content to blog as needed.





1. There will be a general (open) meeting of membership within two weeks of the beginning of the fall semester and within two weeks of the beginning of the spring semester. After the initial meeting, general meetings will take place bi-weekly.


2. Activities will be planned in accordance with the purpose and goals outlined in Article I Section II Mission.

Created August 24, 2015.