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In the spring semester of 2015, three of these groups (ALA, SAA and the NYLA Student Chapter) got together and decided to form a single group with shared interests and events, under the banner of ISSA.

The Information Science Student Association (ISSA) is a group that all students in the Information Studies department belong to automatically upon enrollment. This group was developed as a means for the student body to have representation at faculty meetings and other forums that ultimately affect student life within the department. Historically, there have been anywhere from 1-3 representatives, varying by semester and interest. If you are interested in becoming an ISSA representative, please speak to one of the ISSA co-presidents listed below.

ISSA meeting attendees elected three presidents, one for each organization, to maintain a professional connection to and for students. Each president agreed to become an ISSA representative for the IS Department, as well. There is also a single secretary and treasurer for ISSA. The ISSA group meetings are in the student lounge in Draper Hall, on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:15pm. All students are welcome to attend ISSA meetings and events regardless of professional organization membership.

Information Science Student Association (ISSA)

Updated August 15, 2017.