Class Spotlight

Are you thinking about registering for another class this semester?

The IST 618: Public Libraries course (Class Number: 4285) is offered this semester on Wednesdays from 07:15 PM-10:05 PM.


Timothy G. Burke, the Executive Director of the Upper Hudson Library System (UHLS) and the President-Elect of the NYLA Council 2017 teaches the course.

Below the course description:

This course focuses on current issues, practices and trends in public library organizations, planning, and service delivery. Topics include levels of governance in public libraries; the role of state charters, systems, and trustees; public, technical and administrative services; and professional development, including career paths, continuing education, and compensation. Prerequisite: IST 601

To view the Spring 2016 syllabus, visit:  

Last year’s course includes attendance at NYLA’s AdvocacyDay and least one of the legislative meetings.

If you are interested, contact your adviser and register today!

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