A Night About Copyright

Librarians are often seen as the gatekeepers to information. Understanding the basics of copyright law is important for librarians and educators to best help students and patrons. On Thursday, April 14th Valerie Lang Waldin, Hudson Valley Community College librarian, adjunct professor and copyright officer spoke with students at special meeting to discuss academic libraries and copyright.

Here is her PowerPoint Presentation:

Here are five things Val talked about:

  1. Copyright law protects “original creative works” of any tangible medium, until copyright expires, then materials enter the public domain.
  2. Academic institutions are required to have policy in place according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
  3. Work made for hire is its own separate animal.Copyright may be owned by the employer.
  4. Always come back to fair use. The law is adaptable to many situations.
  5. Even copyright experts disagree about certain issues.

Val also shared with me this link to her HVCC subject guide about copyright. Here you will find useful links, tools and resources for students, educators and librarians.

Thanks again to Val for coming to speak with us and preparing the PowerPoint presentation! Copyright is complex, and it’s important for librarians to be aware of the facts and share the basic principles with educators and students.

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