Public Librarian Certification season is here!


For all those soon to be MSIS/MLS grads out there, it is that time of year. No, it’s not spring (not yet). It’s time to apply for your Public Librarian Certificate! 

For those of you not familiar, this is a certificate required by the State of New York. It is required for every librarian working in – or hoping to work in – a public library in this state. You must renew it every five years and have earned 60 continuing ed units in that five years to keep it legal (plus pay $5). You can sign up here.

The University at Albany has a short web page on the certification process, which notes that MSIS graduates DO NOT NEED TO SEND THEIR TRANSCRIPTS TO THE NYSL, as the Department does this automatically (so they are saving us $10!).

Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) has put together a great FAQ on this process, if you have questions I suggest you take a look at it. If you still have questions, you might want to contact the New York State Library Division of Library Development.

And if you are looking to apply for a job in a place where there are no certificates required, you might want to take a look at this ALA website.

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